In 2008, a handful of observers using MallinCam Video CCD cameras began broadcasting on YahooLive. This is when Yahoo had a broadcast site. Other live broadcast sites like SparkCast became available, but by 2009, these sites ceased operation. It was clear that astronomers needed a site where they could share the night skies with the world live on the internet. Jim Turner took it on his own to create such as site, and by the end of 2009, Night Skies Network was born.

The prime function of the site was for live, educational broadcasting with astronomical video CCD cameras to share with the world, astronomy and other related sciences. As a firm supporter of public outreach, Rock Mallin was the main sponsor for Night Skies Network from the beginning to make sure the site was maintained as an educational astronomical site dedicated to public outreach and science education for everyone and enjoy astronomy live on line.

In 2014, during the ECVAR star party, Jim Turner decided to sell NSN, the dedicated server supporting the site and all files contained thereon pertinent to the operation of NSN, Rock Mallin (owner of Mallincam) was the successful bidder, and in the Fall of 2014, he purchased the everything related to NSN. Rock paid for web hosting, server rental, NSN website software, bandwidth usage and site maintenance.

In 2016, Rock implemented some major changes to ensure that Night Skies Network would remain focused on live, educational broadcasting and outreach. Upgrade Server capabilities were added, along with software changes to assist both Broadcasters and Viewers.