How to broadcast on NSN.

If you want to just watch, you do not need to sign up. Just scroll down and choose the stream of your choice. If a stream is online, it will be listed in RED. If you would like to broadcast, follow the below instructions.

Getting started with your channel.

1)Make sure there is no other imaging software running.
NOTE: IF THIS IS NOT FOLLOWED, YOUR CHANNEL WILL NOT WORK (including AMCAP, make sure it is not in preview mode either).
2)Make sure that your capture device/frame grabber is connected to your PC and the proper drivers are installed. (Most web cams do not need any as a USB connection is almost always seen by the flash player
3)Login to your channel by using the login name and password that you signed up with.
4)Once you're connected, you will see a small window pop up. Make sure you select 'Allow'. If you don't, no camera will be seen.
5)As your channel is booting up, take notice of the chat box. It will let you know the status of your internet connection. You will see either 'extremely good, good, OK, or poor'. It will also let you know how your latency is.
Your upload speed is what NSN is all about. To send a live feed, it takes a decent PC and 400 Kbps or 200 Kb/ps to get a live image up. It becomes a juggling act to get the image settings right on your channel with the upload speed you have. Some just won't be fast enough and some will be up and down at lower end speeds. Your ISP can get very busy also causing a slow down so it may be worth trying later.
6)Once the flash player is allowed access to your device, an image should appear. Always best to start with color bars if your camera offers that option, but at least have a image ready from the camera.
If no image you can also right click on the view screen and choose settings.
You will see:
From there, click on the little camera icon. Inside is a list of all of your capture devices/frame grabbers. Make sure your device is listed. Same holds true for a webcam. Also make sure your microphone is not deactivated. You can mute it, but make sure that flash is able to see and access it.
7)Image improvements can be made to your broadcast here. Left click the view screen for the drop down menu.

Once completed, click the GREEN check mark.
8)To add information to the broadcast (ie. equipment name, object, etc), do the following:
9)To finish broadcasting on NSN, click the red button

These are basic guidelines to assist in getting a channel started and begin broadcasting on NSN. You will still need to troubleshoot any issues that arise on your PC. In most cases, a reboot will help resolve the issue. Most people that follow the above guidelines will have limited to no issues. I hope that this guide helps but internet connection and frame grabber/ capture device issues may not have a simple fix and may require further troubleshooting on your end.

UNDERSTAND that most the time if others can broadcast and you can't it is not a problem with the site . The odds are it is a problem on your end. Weather that be your Internet connection or flash player or anti virus / pop up blocker.