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This site is for amateur astronomers who like to view and share the wonders of our night time skies. Here you will see members from all parts of the globe broadcasting the night skies from their home built observatories, back yards, and just about any other place where they can set up a telescope. Each one has a unique set up and perspective on the night sky. You will find some using home made mounts and telescopes, while others use factory built automated mounts and telescopes. Some will have black and white video cameras while others will use color video cameras. Each will be unique and each will show you a different way to view deep space objects and planets. Don't worry about asking questions. Each and every one of them is more than happy to help you. More often than not, others watching along with you will have the answer to your question.

So start watching these wonderful amateur astronomers as they bring you live views of our night skies. Above all else have fun and enjoy.

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